What is a friend?

The Friends of the Westerville Public Library is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the continued growth, development and use of the Library by people of all ages, backgrounds and diverse interests.

Annual dues of members, monetary contributions (tax deductible) and monies from the sale of used books, Friends T-shirts, book bags, and other useful items enable the Friends to provide added funds to the Library for services, equipment and programs. We also accept book donations from the public.

Gift Ideas: Westerville merchandise in the Friends Shoppe

Learn how to become a Friend.

Contact us at 614-259-5035.

What do we do?

We help support and promote the growth and development of the Westerville Public Library.

We staff and operate the Friends Shoppe, which sells both used books and items of related interest to Library patrons, including a variety of "logo-items" as well as exclusive lines of jewelry, candles, and unique, unusual gift items. The Friends Shoppe is staffed exclusively by volunteers. All proceeds benefit the Library.

We sponsor all age groups events to encourage a positive association with learning and the library, including our on going assistance with the summer reading program.

What have we provided?

The Friends have donated over a quarter of a million dollars to the library.  The following is just a partial list of purchases funded by the Friends to benefit the library.

  • Self-check machines
  • Game paging system
  • Cargo vans for the Outreach Services and the Library Link programs
  • Furnishings, plus puppet stage and puppets for the Youth Activity Room
  • New chairs and tables for the public meeting rooms
  • Electronic Door Openers
  • Oxford Dictionary of the English Language
  • Display cases and portable "topics of interest" display system
  • Sign/Letter maker
  • Wireless microphone sound system, which also provides an individual system for the hearing impaired
  • BRAVE Center Project equipment to serve the needs of the hearing and visually impaired

Friends Trustees

Arlene Roeder President
Janet Rector Vice President
Pat Durant Secretary
Ellis Hitt Treasurer
Dorothy Bonham Trustee
Elliot Hogdon Trustee
Leigh Rose Trustee